our services

Forensic Accounting: We provide forensic accounting services to  both corporate and individual clients.   Our services include money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption investigations  and assets tracing and recovery.

forensic accounting


Financial Intelligence Analysis: We provide support in the collection, evaluation and analysis of  data and information for effective and efficient decision making by our clients



Anti-money laundering: We provide AML services that include risk assessment, developing policies and procedures, training, Suspicious Transactions Report (STR) consultation among others.



Training: We provide local and international training to law enforcement agencies and companies in the oil and gas sectors among others. We have delivered training on such topics as Transformative Planning: From JVs to IJVs – Driving Towards Excellent Partnership, Technical and Financial Performance of JV Projects, Fraud Investigation & Intelligence Report, Forensic Accounting and Financial Intelligence

Others Services: We provide information security risk assessment and assurance services


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